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A Fake Company Falsely Claiming Rights to Vocaloid Videos?
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 Below is a quoted post from SeyrenLK;s Facebook, a well-known and respected member of the Vocaloid community:

 After the successful concert in Los Angeles fanpage moderators worldwide decided to have a online meeting via Ventrilo a total of 22 moderators including me and Rinnie. According to the Brazilian, UK and Russian moderators some of Vocaloid music in YouTube are starting to have advertisement because of a copyright claim of a company name CRYPTON_FUTURE_MEDIA however there is a huge possibility that this so called company is "FAKE" because usually when Crypton file a claim it usually appears in Japanese text as クリプトン・フューチャー・メディア株式会社 or Crypton Future Media, Inc. in English "not" CRYPTON_FUTURE_MEDIA, we are highly suspicious that the person who is claiming vocaloid music in YouTube as CRYPTON_FUTURE_MEDIA is just making money from Youtube advertisement! Two Japanese moderators are currently on their way with Crypton to confirm if CRYPTON_FUTURE_MEDIA is their's or not, if not then Fanbase and Crypton will have a huge problem with this claims and Crypton may file a paper to YouTube for removal of imitation company who's making money from ads.

By watching advertisement video prior to the actual video in YouTube will automatically give 10 to 15 cents per view to the owner of the video even if it's not uploaded to their YouTube account. On Ads banner they'll only recieve per click but in case of video it's per view.

So, we are encouraging people NOT to watch any Vocaloid videos in YouTube for a while go visit nicodouga. If our suspicion is correct then watching YouTube with video ads is basically supporting this so called company CRYPTON_FUTURE_MEDIA that's right they'll get paid everytime you watch vocaloid videos with their claims.

We are not sure if this company really belong to the right holders. I don't mind ads in Vocaloid videos in YouTube as long as it's the real company who's getting paid for it not some random guy. We don't have any proof that it's fake only the way the put the company name.

Apparently, there is a scam artist out there stealing and making cash out of Vocaloid videos that have been made without the intention of gaining profit at all. This has become more obvious over the past few days when Hatsune Miku has become more popular to the general public.
So far, this said company has targeted only UTAU and Vocaloid covers. Further investigation is still needed.
There is a discussion regarding this matter here.
Things for now have mellowed down, but we are all currently trying our best to put a stop to this fake company. Hopefully, things will be resolved soon. I wouldn't want any Youtube upload, especially any of mine, to be used as a means of milking cash out without any of its rightful owners not gaining profit off it too.


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