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hoshi went to a convention
real face
 *points at time* just woke up.

So yesterday, I went to ToyCon (day1) in SM MegaMall. I met up with Suroy, a fandubber in Youtube. He treated me lunch, and introduced me to some of his friends, We also got to see a lot of cosplayers, figure galleries, and other stuff you see in Toy Conventions. He was really nice. I just wish I wasn't so awkward a company to begin with orz

Today, I went alone to ToyCon (day2) in a fail Panda Hero cosplay. I had a lot of fun taking pictures and interacting with other cosplayers, and comics and anime enthusiasts. I was also a bit flattered when people asked for my picture to be taken, even though my cosplay was an utter mess on purpose. I wish it could've lasted longer and didn't cost so much D:

The Facebook album of the pictures I took, if anyone's interested.
One thing that irked me, though, is how they organized the event. Within the event were two separate events. There was a stage for bands to sing anime songs, and a stage for the cosplay competition. It would've been alright if the stages made were at least found at opposite ends of each other, but instead, they were next to each other, which made the audio REAAALLY ear-piercing, and painful, especially when moe-girl wannabes tried to sing in an anime-ish fashion, pitching their voices up to a chipmunk's level. And the cosplay competition stage, although really grand and fancy, had no seats. People had to stand up the whole time to watch and capture footage. It was unfair for the people watching from the back (myself included) because the people up front blocked the view.

What I did like were the freebies. They gave away free canned Coke Zero to everyone who passed by the FreshGear Booth, and some Minute Maid cups. It was very convenient since the temperature inside the event hall was high.

But of course, the nazi that I am still has more complaints. I wish the counterfeiting of the anime merchandise stopped. Seriously. Though I admit that I fall for these imitations, it's just unfair how one orders something straight from Japan, then finds an exact same copy of that merch being sold in a much cheaper price and quality. I also wish that there was an event hall specifically for cosplayers to hang out in instead of the hall outside the event hall. The MegaMall hallways became crowded with cosplayers and photographers, therefore making it almost impossible for everybody to pass through like say to the restrooms...

Overall, the event was fun. I wish it could have lasted longer, but all good things must end at some point. now if you'll please excuse me, I have some homework to cram on.


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