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KEI will release his 3rd Vocaloid album
dragon girl
「Horror For Holiday Shoppers」
03.My Generation (Damned For All Time)
04.Doomsday Clock
06.A New Frontier
07.Hypothetical Enemy
10.Hello Monster, Hello Trickster
11.Handwritten Map
Don't be fooled by the album title. It's not a gorey, bloody, goth music thing.
I'm pretty downright impressed with the music. I've only heard of the featured four, and I'll probably be translating those later, and from what I've heard so far, it's gonna be downright awesome. Why?

Here's why:

A. It's gonna be a VY1-eccentric album.
It won't be a usual -insert Cryptonloid here- eccentric album, which will be very nice to see,
considering the fact that ALL Cryptonloids overshadow the other Vocaloids.
I really think that VY1 has a lovely voice. She deserves her chance at the spotlight.

B. The lyrics. ; u ;
I won't say anything about the lyrics yet. It'll spoil everything.
I am overall looking forward to this album. Too bad it'll be available only in Japan...
EDIT: Now, here's a crossfade demo of the entire album~ You need a NicoVideo account to be able to listen to it though. :|


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